A Special Time
Where the rubber meets the road - there is hope.
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A ministry in pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and rites of passage including baby blessings, weddings and memorials.


Through connection there is compassion. Through compassion there is hope.

Welcome to A Special Time!

There comes a time There comes a time

when we want to explore that which is holy and spiritual and, as we walk this path of spiritual discovery, it is often helpful to have a trained guide at our side. Dr. Ramsey is currently in such a training program and is now accepting clients for her internship period while under the guidance of a Spiritual Direction Supervisor. For more information see the "Spiritual Direction " Page.

There comes a time There comes a time when we mark the important milestones in our lives.

The miracle of a new birth,

Pledging our love for each other,

Remembering and honoring someone who has passed on.

Rev. Ramsey can help design a ceremony that is just right for you.


There comes a time when young or old, we find ourselves in need of compassion and support. Dr.Ramsey can provide private grief counseling. 

Rev. Jane Ramsey has a ministry in these special times of need. Click on "Links" on the left to access links to sites of interest. Click on "Events" on the left to find out more of what Rev. Jane Ramsey is offering in ongoing support groups and workshops. 

Private Pastoral Counseling is offered on a fee for service, sliding scale basis.


Sliding Scale Formula:
$50-$100 per hour